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What are your lesson options?

Lessons can either be private or group lessons based on your preference. Please note that it will be up to you to organize and gather group members should you want to do group lessons.

How much do lessons cost?

Lesson price depends on duration and format chosen. Please contact for a full list of prices.

What are your COVID19  regulations?

In order to ensure the safety of all students, masks will be worn for the entirety of the lessons. Additionally, you must inform us immediately in case of potential COVID19 exposure or if you feel sick.

Is my child too young to start art classes?

Younger children can learn much more than it seems. The earlier they develop the fine motor skills and observational skills, the better! Please contact me for more information on whether art lessons will be suitable for your child.

Will materials be provided?

It will be up to the parents/student themselves to procure the required materials for the lessons. This includes but is not limited to; paper, paint, brushes and pencils.

My child has taken art classes before, would it be okay for them to start in a more advanced class?

Lessons are tailored to meet a students experience and knowledge level, while still being challenging enough to allow for artistic growth. Your child's skill level will be assessed continuously throughout the entirety of the lessons to ensure their needs are being met.

What are your teaching hours?

Lessons can be scheduled from Monday-Thursday 11AM to 7PM

If I miss a lesson, can I get a refund or make-up lesson?

Depending on what lesson type you select, make-up lessons may be possible, please contact for a full list of our refund policies.

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